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Easy to work with and handle, Flex Reflex is a reflective thermo adhesive garment film ideal for safety workwear.

Garment heat transfer vinyl film – manufacture
The Flex Reflex product has been specially developed so that the reflective properties are within the film and not a separate layer, ensuring that the product is easier to cut and weed, and kinder to the blade of your plotter cutter.

Product range and dimensions
This product is 50cm wide and is available by the metre, on 5m or 25m rolls.

Technical information
View or download technical information Flex Reflex

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Reflective cut metre

Garment heat transfer vinyl films

Reflective thermo adhesive garment film

50cm wide


£13.95 inc VAT

Product Options

Reflective cut metre

Reflective 5m roll

Reflective 25m roll